Friday, April 5, 2013

Mom's 63rd Birthday

Happy 63rd Birthday

Tomorrow, April 6 2013, would have been Mom's 63rd birthday had she lived beyond age 60.

While Mom was alive, before Along met Phil, Mom's Birthday is the first one we celebrate every year. The year, to me at least, doesn't really start to swing until Mom's birthday rolled in.

It's hard now not having Mom around to mark her special day.

Like me Mom loved birthdays. But unlike me, Mom love it not for the present, but rather for the cake that we would never fail to get her.

Mom loved cakes. Her favorite was tiramisu. 

While we don't celebrate her special day in real time now, I mean, buying cakes and presents for her, we still honor the day in our memory.

This year I am honoring her special day a day earlier, just because I can't wait for midnight before I express how much she is missed and how much I would have loved it if she was still around to enjoy the cake we would have gotten her if she was still alive to enjoy it.

As it is, I can only recite for her Al-Fatihah and hope she is comfortable where she is now.

Happy Birthday Mommy. I love you and miss you always.

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