Thursday, November 1, 2012

Conversation With Mom 24

Hello Mommy,

When you were at the hospital

This Sunday would be exactly two years since you've been gone. Two years since I last saw your face.

Mom, you know how much I love entering contests right? Well these past two years I've been going strength for strength with entering as many contest as I can.

Today, I saw on that they are having a contest, so I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone : I could talk to you and blog about how great it is to have access to

You might not be aware of this Mom since you were too ill to realize the practicality of things but during your stay at the hospital we needed a lot of money daily.

We needed money for your adult diapers, we needed money for your special TED stockings which would allow your blood in your legs to circulate and of course we needed money for the daily expenses of coming and going to and fro the hospital; not to mention meal money for me being that I stayed by your side practically the entire 46 days you were hospitalised.

Suffice is to say money was a big worry for us then.

But Dad has many kind friends who would from time to time bank in some money to help with the expenses.

If it wasn't for the ability to check money online at we would have wasted a lot of time going physically to the ATM just to check if the money have been banked in or not.

Thanks to we did not have to waste time and effort to know our financial strength. With just a click, we easily discover how strong our bank balance is.

We still use mainly for checking our bank balance, but there's many wonders that we can do now.

The various things you can do at

Previously the Astro account was under your name, but since you've been gone the account has been changed to my name. Since I have access to, I'm thinking how easy it is to pay our Astro bill online.

And Mom, do you remember how you used to have to line up at the post office to make a deposit of your ASB account? Well, if you were alive now, you no longer need to suffer the queues at the post office. Just link your ASB account to your account and you can purchase new ASB stocks online.

That's what I've been doing lately.

Speaking of contest and I've entered another contest of theirs on Facebook where I made an advertisement on how great it is to have access to

I told them about the time you were hospitalised and how important it was to be able to check money on the go.

Well Mom, it's been wonderful sharing this conversation with you and I'll try and come back on your anniversary and maybe have another conversation with you.

Wish me luck with the contest Mom.

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  1. Semoga roh ibumu tenang di sana. BTW tahniah sebab memang kontest nih :)

    Me also one of the winner.. :)