Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Conversation With Mom 34

Hello Mommy,

It is one of those bad days. Days when I am swamped with thoughts of you. Missing you is really bad today... It was the dream I had about you that triggered this monumental pain.

I dreamed we were preparing a meal together like we always did when you were alive. You looked so happy and vibrant.

When I woke up, my cheeks were wet. I must have cried in my sleep.

I miss you Mommy. When does it get easier?

The ache inside... it hurts so bad. It is almost a physical pain.

Mommy... why is it so hard to let go of you?

There'll be scores of years yet if my life is long before I will be reunited with you.. what am I to do until then?

Miss you forever...

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