Sunday, October 21, 2012


Dad was in tears today thinking of Mom not being around anymore. Dad asked, "Kenapa Mommy dah tak ada? (Why Isn't Mommy around anymore?):

I felt like crying too, but I replied as calmly as I could that it was her time to go.

As daddy kept being morose and sniffling about I tried to make dad lighthearted a bit by saying, "Mom had to go first so she can set up housekeeping so when you moved on there'll be a nice comfortable house waiting for you."

While Mom wasn't much of a housekeeper she had always somehow manage to make a house a home by making it feel warm and inviting - despite the messiness.

Maybe it was just Mom's loving presence that make the home such an inviting and welcoming haven. Thinking about how empty the house now feels, it definitely was Mom's loving touch that made the difference in the friendly atmosphere that the house gets.

Mom was such a warm, loving and giving person, that being around here automatically induces one into a calm and happy mood.

Remembering Mom as she was, I can't seem to escape this heartache and the feeling of wanting to cry.

We Miss you Mom. R.I.P.

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