Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two years and an innumerable heartbreaks later

On November 4th 2012 at 11.48pm,  it will be exactly two years since Mom passed away. Nearing her anniversary, I find myself thinking about her more frequently than I've been doing this past year.

It's not that all these while I don't think of her, because I do, it's just that lately thoughts of her has been consuming my mind a lot.

These November is also the two years anniversary of my aunt and my friend's grandfather's passing.
They died two days before Mom did.

I mentioned to my friend in a mail on FB the other day that it's almost two years since our loved ones had moved on and she replied saying "yes can you believe how time flies".

Time has flown indeed and I am now about to honour Mom's two years of going home to the Almighty.

I hope she is faring well in the after life. I hope she can still feel the love we still carry for her in our hearts.

I don't have a poem or anything remotely poetic to say about Mom's passing -all I have are these thoughts and I hope it reaches her somehow:

"Mom, I am trying to be a wonderful person whom you would be proud of and trying to live a full life in honor of the spectacular one you had lived. I carry within me, 24/7, 365 and every where I go, the love you left inside my heart and I will cherish and treasure each memory I have of you and one day should I be blessed with a family of my own I will share my memories of you with them and though you weren't blessed with grandkids while you were alive, I will, if Allah willing and I have my own offspring, make them love you as if you were here still to share your love on them... such was the power and beauty of your loving heart that I'm sure I won't have any problems allowing your loving nature to transcends death.

On this day, 26 days before your anniversary, I celebrate the bountiful life you lived and the joy of your love that you shared with those who knew you best.

I love, cherish and honour you.

God willing, one day we'll be together again and this pain in my heart will turn to rejoicing when our souls will greet each other on the same plain once again.

Till then, R.I.P Mom."

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