Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mom's Last Ice Cream

Abang bought a tub of ice cream today. Somehow as I thought of the ice cream in the fridge my mind flashed back to the time when she was hospitalized for the very last time.

From the moment she was lucid enough to speak, all she ever wanted was some ice-cream. She was on the feeding tube then and wasn't able to eat orally yet.

But there was a short span of time within those 46 days that she was hospitalized that she could consume food and we managed to give her some ice cream a few times.

Oh the delight on her face when she tasted those ice creams. She savored every morsel that went down her throat and claimed, "Sedapnya. Sejuk je tekak Mummy (How delicious. My throat feels so refreshed.)."
The kind of ice-cream Mom loved.

I was glad that we managed to fulfill one of her last wishes. Sometimes, like today, when I come across ice creams or though about it, my mind would wander back to those times in the hospital when about the only bright spot in Mom's pain-riled body was a small taste of ice cream.

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