Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dreaming of Mom

It has been a while since i dreamed of Mom coming back to live after she was buried for 3 days.

I have this dream in variations every now and again.

The one constant thing about the dream is Mom does not realize she had died at all. She lived as she had before her hospital say - happy and loving.

This morning I dreamed Mom came back to live looking happy and at ease as if nothing had ever been amissed. In the dream it was just Mom and I sitting down on the couch in the living room while I broke the bad new to Mom.
"Mom, you died 3 days ago and we buried you already," I said gently as I held Mom's warm living hands.

"What are you talking about Adik? How could I have died? i have been here all along or haven't you enjoyed my cooking these past few days?"

So the conversations went.

Until i gave up trying to convince Mom that she was either a zombie or a ghost.

I just hugged her real tight and told her how much i loved her and how I never want to let her go and how glad I was that she was there by my side.

Mom, with her usual practicallity asked me, "So what do you want for dinner tonight?"

Oh Mom! How I wish I could hear you ask me for plans about dinner again.

But alas, this had only been a dream.

No where, why, how or when will Mom ever walk back into my life as if she had never been away at all.

Plus it would be super creepy if Mom actually does walk back from her grave to our house after 3 years being buried under the earth! imagine the condition Mom would be in now if she was to walk out of her burial ground and walk back to our house!

But bad humour aside, I guess I still have issues about letting go of Mom or otherwise I would not be having these dreams so often!

Anyway, just wanna say, I miss you MOMMY! R.I.P.


Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin.

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