Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy 60th Again

Dearest Mommy,

Every year since you passed away, I write in this blog happy 61st, 62nd, 63rd and so forth on your birthday. And this year you would have turned 66 and I would have wished you happy 66th birthday except as your birthday approaches, I only now realized that you passed away when you were sixty and so you would never age again and it just shows how much I haven't accepted your passing that it took over five years after you've been gone to realize that you can't age anymore and me wishing you a new age year is just not logical. 

So this year, I'm just going to say happy birthday and since your last birthday you were 60 I am going to wish you happy 60th again Mom. You are ageless now, for you no longer walk this plateau.

I love you and miss you always.
Happy 60th Once Again Beloved

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