Saturday, October 22, 2011

Conversation With Mom 10

Mommy dear,

Abang went on a 4 days trip to Taman Negara. He left on Tuesday and came back on Friday.

It was an excruciating time for dad and I and were you still alive I know you would have suffered the separation as well. Only Along seemed ok with it. When asked, Along said she had set her mind that Abang will be gone for certain number of days and so she didn't miss him. She said her heart wouldn't be able to take it if she is missing boy on top of missing you and Phil.

I don't know about Along. She confounds me sometime.

But I did miss Abang a lot. It's not like missing you though, because I know I'll see Abang again, unlike missing you where being able to see you again would come only when death claims me too.

I'm having this conversation with you to share Abang's trip with you. I know you would want to be kept up to date on what's going on around here. Abang had a wonderful time. He said the experience that trip gave him was AWESOME.

Abang and his friends cooking in Taman Negara

You would have been so proud of him Mom. He said his friends commented on how lucky they were that Abang was on that trip because Abang was always so helpful and dependable. 

He is so big now Mom. So grown up at 16. I wish you could see him now. Your little boy is now a very mature young man. He did a lot of growing up in the year since you've been gone.

I know I've told you this before, but Abang is really affected by your death. He misses you so much. But like in one of  my earlier post, he is so afraid that he'd forget you. I assured him, he might forget minor things sometimes, but he'll never forget the important things - like how much you loved him and want him to grow up into a respectable man.

Well Mom, you'd be so proud of him now. He is a kind and considerate teenager. He is ever so polite and courteous. Everything you raises him up to be. I want to share with you a picture of him looking so happy on his trip.

Abang, sitting in the river in Taman Negara

Doesn't he look so happy Mom? There are not a lot of moments when he is truly happy nowadays. More often than not at home he is brooding and thinking dark thoughts. But I'll not tell you about his unhappy thoughts. I just wanted to share with you how happy he was during that trip and how I know that despite missing him, you too would be so pleased to know that he had a wonderful time during his trip.

I'll leave you now Mom and will talk again when I have more to say to you. In the meantime R.I.P.

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