Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old Photographs

Dad was taking pictures of the old photographs we had and some of them were pictures taken with Mom. I felt kinda weepy looking at those pictures again as memories of those events in the pictures came sweeping by.

There were pictures when Along and I were small, pictures when I was a teenager and Abang was a toddler. It all bring back memories.

To cap it all, yesterday I just dreamed about Mom. I dreamed that she was still alive now and we were sending Abang off on a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland all by himself. Mom looked so proud of her little boy who is now a young man.

Gosh I miss Mom so much.

Looking at these pictures, they just impacted the loss tenfold. Looking at Mom as she was.
                                                                    Mom and I a long time ago

Mom, Abang and Along

Feel really sad now, thinking of the wonderful, loving woman I knew as Mom and how she is no longer on this plane to share this journey I am still going through now.

Look at how happy we once were.

And now, all we have are memories.

Now all we have to remember her by are our memories and her grave site where we only ever visit once in a while. 

Miss you Mom. RIP.

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