Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Cherish You

For you are loved beyond the span of your time on earth,
You are remembered and missed by those you left behind,
In great pain and heartache we etch you in our mind,
Trying our hardest to hold on to a past that we try our best not to outlast,
Your presence though no longer corporeal, still deeply felt and cherished,
And we pray for strength to move on beyond your reach,
And we hope we honor your memories by holding you near,
Even if holding you close brings us to tears.

Mommy love,
I celebrate your life by holding true to the legacy you left behind;
Of love, kindness, compassion and understanding;
All the warmth of your love which transcends death,
And all the colours you painted your life with,
I will immortalize in the canvas of my own life,
and I will bring you with me wherever I go in this life I still have to live,
And I will never forget the glory that was you.

I love you and I treasure you,
For now and for forever.
Till death bring us back together.

2143 hrs. May 27.2011
The empty house you left behind
Bandar Bukit Puchong

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