Thursday, December 20, 2012

Conversation With Mom 27

Hello Mommy,

Abang had a tonsillectomy today in Hospital Serdang. That's right Mom, the place where you breathed your last.

Thankfully, Abang's surgery went well and he will probably be discharged tomorrow, but being in the hospital as always, reminds me a lot about the time spent looking after you back then Mom.

Today I even met the guard who guarded the entrance to the ICU ward back when you were admitted then and she asked, "Back again?"

I told her this time it was for my brother.

Yesterday I texted Abang on his phone and reminded him to say a prayer to Allah asking for a successful operation and also I told him to recite the al-Fatihah for you and to ask you to bless him.

I don't know if he did as told, but I did it just the same on his behalf.

                                          Abang in the hospital sleeping after being medicated

Mom, I just wanted to share the good news that your little boy is safe and will now be tonsillitis free after so long having suffered from it.

Thank you for watching over him still from where you are.

I love you and miss you Mom.

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