Monday, December 10, 2012

Conversation With Mom 26

Hello Mommy,

I was just thinking about your Meandering River. The story you always wanted to write but never got around to. Just like my best-selling novel which I never get around to writing somehow.

You know Mom when I talk about my writing abilities and my natural flair for the written words, it is almost always easy to think that most of it come from Dad because Dad has been writing all his life and never seem to stop.

But now thinking about it, I think the way I write and my play on words, they seem more likely to be coming from you. Although you seldom apply yourself to the written words when you do the result is amazing!

Remember Mom when your article was published in one of the women's magazine? And you got paid RM100? I remember how excited you were that they published your article. And I remember too some of your writings which never saw print.

Oh how moving were those words you wrote!

Well Mom, I am trying to live the dream for you. To get my writings established. To share with the world the story that is in me. So that it won't be too late for me like it was for you. Oh the story you could have told with your 'Meandering River' Mom...

To not let my writing skills go unpolished while I wait for that illusive inspiration for my great novel, I have joined an online writing site called Helium. And you can find links to my works by going to my about me page at Helium.

I miss you Mom. All the time. In every way, every day, in every thing I do... I am always thinking of you.


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