Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Mommy


Today is your birthday again Mommy. Another one that we cannot celebrate with you. Along was thinking about the cake that we would joyously choose for you every year because that is all that you ever really want for your birthday. 

Every time your birthday rolls around now, we will feel like we haven't accomplished something because we no longer get to buy you your favorite treat. No longer do we have the fun of surprising you with different delectable cakes each year.

All we can do now is reminisce on all of the past birthdays when you were still around and remember your happiness and delight when we bring out the cake on your birthday.

We miss you Mommy and it still tugs at our heartstrings that we can never celebrate your birthday together.

I love you Mommy. Happy 60th again.

Love you forever after, Adik. 

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