Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Bus Ride

I went to IJN today via public transport. When I was on the way home, sitting on the bus, my mind recalled the day after we buried Mom and Along and I took the bus from Temerloh, Pahang to KL and KL to Puchong.

Abang, Dad and Auntie Jen went back in Aunty's small Kancil.

Along and I had to take the bus because the car is too small to accomodate five people.

I remember how we trailed tears from Temerluh to KL and Kl to Puchong.

It was hard going back and leaving Mom buried in her hometown.

The finality of having just put Mom in the ground and that we will never see her form again hit us hard.

It was a really melancholic journey. Along crying her silent tears and me crying mine... thinking of the sweet creation who had just left us for good.

I almost broke down and cried again just now on the bus, thinking of that heartbreaking day when we left Mom at her place of rest.

It's strange how memories can overcome me unawares... the most mundane thing could trigger a trip down memory lane...

I miss Mom still. I always will.

Al-Fatihah Mommy.

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